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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered registers of deaths in ecclesiastical or other organizations or registers of anniversary days when services are performed for the dead. Works on announcements of death either published in the press or mailed individually are entered under [Death notices.] Works on short biographical sketches, especially in newspapers, published upon a person's death are entered under [Obituaries.]

Found in 35 Collections and/or Records:

Abington, Mass. First Church records 1714-1949.

Identifier: RG4969
Abstract The First Congregational Church of Abington, MA was established in 1711 and in addition to the 1st Church there were three additional churches founded in the same town: 2nd church of south Abington, now Whitman, 3rd church of east Abington, now Rockland, and 4th church at North Abington. The First Church in Abington also housed a Sunday school that was established in 1818 and is thought to be one of the oldest Sunday schools in the country. The motto of the church is "None too old to study the...
Dates: 1714-1949

Barnstable, Mass. Unitarian Church records, 1717-1930.

Identifier: RG1327
Abstract The East Parish Church in Barnstable was officially gathered in 1723 after the town of Barnstable was split into East and West Parishes in 1717. In 1836 the original meeting house was replaced by a new structure. This meeting house was destroyed by fire in 1905; construction on the third and final meeting house was completed in 1907. During the nineteenth-century the church joined the Unitarian movement and became the Barnstable Unitarian Church. The church continues to serve the local...
Dates: Record Keeping: 1717-1930; 1967

Bradford, Haverhill, Mass. First Church of Christ records, 1682-1915.

Identifier: RG4843
Abstract The First Church of Christ was established in 1682 with Rev. Zechariah Symmes Jr. as its minister. Meeting houses were constructed in 1670, 1706, 1751, 1834, and 1849. In 1810 the church hosted the meeting of the General Association and the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions came from that meeting. This collection includes records of vital statistics, financial reports, church meeting minutes, and ecclesiastical council reports.
Dates: 1682-1915

Brunswick, Me. First Parish Church records, 1735-1829.

Identifier: RG5236
Abstract The township of Brunswick was incorporated on May 3, 1717. Until 1747 the town was served by temporary missionary ministers. In 1747 the First Parish Church was actually split into two buildings, one following Congregational polity and the other following Presbyterian polity. In 1772 both groups agreed to follow Congregational polity and in 1808 both groups physically merged into a single meeting house. The church had close relations to Bowdoin College and Harriet Beecher Stowe found...
Dates: 1735-1829

Cambridge, Mass. Pilgrim Congregational Church of Cambridgeport records, 1863-1992.

Identifier: RG2350
Abstract Stearns Chapel was erected in 1863 and was located on Harvard Street, near Windsor; it was designed primarily as a Mission Sabbath School and operated for a number of years by the First and Second Congregational, Baptist and Methodist churches. The name was changed to Pilgrim Congregational Church of Cambridgeport in 1871. The collection includes church records, financial records, ministers’ records, membership records, auxiliary group records, historical information, orders of service and...
Dates: 1863-1992

Danvers, Mass. First Church records, 1672-1845.

Identifier: RG1309
Abstract The First Church of Danvers was founded in 1672 when a group of farmers who lived quite a distance from the Salem meetinghouse of which they were members petitioned for permission to erect one of their own. This collection contains the early records of the Danvers church, including records pertaining to membership, vital statistics, and church meetings. Of particular note are records pertaining to the confession and trial of Martha Corey (alternatively spelled Kory and Cory) in regards to the...
Dates: 1672-1845

Dayton, Ohio. St. Luke's United Church of Christ records, 1908-2013.

Identifier: RG5331
Abstract In 1908, a group of men and women gathered together in the home of Christian Poock to form what would become St. Luke's. The next year, St. Lukes officially had its first pastor, Reverand F. A. Meusch. That year they also became a member of the German Evangelical Synod of North America. In 1955 the church offically joined the United Church of Christ. They continued to function and provide community and spirtiual outreach until it was decided that the church was no longer able to function. The...
Dates: 1908-2013

Feeding Hills, Agawam, Mass. Congregational Church of Christ records, 1819-1856.

Identifier: RG5369
Abstract The Feeding Hills Congregational Church in Feeding Hills, Agawam, Massachusetts was first organized as the Sixth Congregational Church in Springfield on November 10, 1762. The church was reorganized as the Congregational Church of Christ in Feeding Hills in 1819. In 1855 the church reorganized as the Feeding Hills Congregational Church. This collection contains a single volume which includes meeting minutes and vital statistics.
Dates: 1819-1856

Franklin, Mass. First Congregational Church records, 1737-1877.

Identifier: RG4842
Abstract The Second Church of Wrentham, also known as the West Parish Church, was established in 1738. When the West Precinct of Wrentham separated from Wrentham and incorporated as Franklin in 1778, the West Parish Church was renamed the First Congregational Church of Franklin. Included within the collection are meeting minutes, committee reports, society records, and vital records.
Dates: 1737-1877

Fulton, N.Y. First Congregational Church records, 1856-2004.

Identifier: RG4934
Abstract First Congregational Church, Fulton, New York, was founded in 1881. The church was formerly both First Congregational Church of Oswego Falls and First Congregational Church of Volney. They were a member of the UCC until they closed, circa 2004. This collection contains records which document the history and life of First Congregational Church, Fulton, New York. Included in this collection are records of births, deaths, baptisms, marriages and confirmations; records which document church...
Dates: 1856-2004