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Church controversies.

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Variants: Church conflicts, Church disputes, Church fights

Found in 8 Collections and/or Records:

Abington, Mass. First Church records 1714-1949.

Identifier: RG4969
Abstract The First Congregational Church of Abington, MA was established in 1711 and in addition to the 1st Church there were three additional churches founded in the same town: 2nd church of south Abington, now Whitman, 3rd church of east Abington, now Rockland, and 4th church at North Abington. The First Church in Abington also housed a Sunday school that was established in 1818 and is thought to be one of the oldest Sunday schools in the country. The motto of the church is "None too old to study the...
Dates: 1714-1949

Barnstable, Mass. West Parish Church records, 1639-1853.

Identifier: RG5285
Abstract The history of the West Parish Church in Barnstable, Massachusetts, dates back to 1616 with the formation of the non-conformist Southwick Church. In 1634 the leader of the church and many of its members traveled to Boston and in 1639 settled in the newly incorporated Barnstable where they formed the first church in Barnstable. In 1717 the town of Barnstable was split into a West and East Parish; the West Parish Church was the successor church to the earlier Barnstable church. Construction of...
Dates: 1639-1853

Beverly, Mass. Third Congregational Church records, 1833.

Identifier: RG0018
Abstract The Third Congregational Church in Beverly was gathered in 1802. In 1837, the church would be reincorporated as the Dane Street Church. The items in this collection are related to the dismissal of Rev. David Oliphant in 1833. Includes information on the petition to have Rev. Oliphant removed, his response to those that sided with him, an analysis of who Rev. Oliphant sold pew rights too, and some other financial information.
Dates: 1833

Cleaveland Family papers, 1742-1858.

Identifier: MS5355
Abstract John Cleaveland (1722-1799) was an early leader in the "separatist" Christian movement. His career can be traced to a conflict with the administration of Yale College, at which he was a student. Refusing to repent for attending a separatist congregation, he was expelled from the college in 1745. Subsequently he served as a separatist minister in Boston and at the Chebacco Church in Ipswich. He also served as a military chaplain in the French and Indian War and the American Revolution....
Dates: 1742-1858

Newbury, Mass. First Church ecclesiastical council meeting minutes, 1670.

Identifier:  RG0937
Abstract The town of Newbury, Massachusetts, was first settled in 1635. The First Church was gathered in 1635 and construction on the first meeting house was completed the same year. In 1743 a group of parishioners left to form the First Episcopal Church. Between 1635 and 1806 five meeting houses were constructed. The fifth was destroyed in fire in 1868. The sixth, and final, meeting house was constructed in 1869. The First Church joined the United Church of Christ in 1961 and in 1967 the church was...
Dates: Record Keeping: 1670.; 1853

Newburyport, Mass. First Church disunion records, 1743-1770.

Identifier: RG0131
Abstract The Third Church of Newbury was formally gathered in 1726. In 1743 a group of parishioners left the church to more closely follow the teachings of George Whitefield and form the First Presbyterian Church. In 1764 the town of Newburyport was incorporated and the Third Church became the First Church in Newburyport. In 1794 the Parish voted to be incorporated as the First Religious Society. By 1825 the church was already aligned with the Unitarian denomination. The church continues to serve the...
Dates: 1743-1770

Salem, Mass. Tabernacle Church records, 1743-1858.

Identifier: RG5122
Abstract Tabernacle Church of Salem, originally known as Third Church of Salem, was formed after a split from First Church in 1735. This collection contains the early records of the church, including meeting minutes, pew taxes and apportionments, and financial records. Of particular note are records pertaining to ecclesiastical council proceedings.
Dates: 1743-1858

Sturbridge, Mass. Separatist Congregational Church personal records, 1749-1762.

Identifier: RG0971
Abstract The Separatist Church in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, was formed in 1747 after 15 members of the Congregational Church in Sturbridge left the church. The separatists refused to pay ministerial taxes and in response the town aggressively attempted to collect the taxes by forcibly taking possessions, livestock, and imprisoning at least 5 of the separatists. In 1749 the Separatist Church was reformed as the Baptist Church in Fiskdale. This collection include personal records relating to the...
Dates: 1749-1762