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Arlington, Mass. Pleasant Street Congregational Church records, 1842-2010.

Identifier: RG4962
Overview Pleasant Street Congregational Church was organized in December 1842, as the Orthodox Congregational Church of West Cambridge. Many of the original members of the Orthodox Congregational Church had been members of the First Congregational Church in Arlington but left when the church turned Unitarian in 1828. Between 1940 and 1953, Orthodox Congregational Church was renamed Pleasant Street Congregational Church. The church would officially close its doors in early 2011. This collection contains...

Barnstable, Mass. West Parish Church records, 1639-1853.

Identifier: RG5285
Overview The history of the West Parish Church in Barnstable, Massachusetts, dates back to 1616 with the formation of the non-conformist Southwick Church. In 1634 the leader of the church and many of its members traveled to Boston and in 1639 settled in the newly incorporated Barnstable where they formed the first church in Barnstable. In 1717 the town of Barnstable was split into a West and East Parish; the West Parish Church was the successor church to the earlier Barnstable church. Construction of...

Boston, Mass. Park Street Church records, 1804-1976, 2009

Identifier: RG1284
Overview The beginnings of Park Street Church date to 1804 when a "Religious Improvement Society" began holding weekly lectures and prayer meetings in Boston. Collection includes vital statistics, church records, Park Street Society and financial records, voluntary organizations, historical materials, Shawmut Church records.

Brockton, Mass. First Parish Congregational Church records, 1738-1980.

Identifier: RG0037
Overview The First Parish Congregational Church in Brockton was originally founded as the Fourth Parish Church in Bridgewater in 1737 and formally gathered as such in 1740. The name of the church changed, in 1823, to First Parish Congregational Church to reflect the incorporation of the town of North Bridgewater. In 1827 a portion of the church's membership left to form the South Congregational Church and in 1850 another portion left to form the Porter Evangelical Congregational Church. In 1874 the town...

Brockton, Mass. Porter Congregational Church, 1800-1979.

Identifier: RG5395
Overview The Porter Evangelical Church in North Bridgewater, later the Porter Congregational Church in Brockton, was established in 1850 by members who left the First Parish Congregational Church over ecclesiastical differences. The church purchased a building just north of the First Parish Congregational Church in 1851 and the building was further renovated in 1883, 1925, and 1950. The Wendell Avenue Church and Waldo Congregational Church were both formed out of area missions administered by the Porter...

Brunswick, Me. First Parish Church records, 1735-1829.

Identifier: RG5236
Overview The township of Brunswick was incorporated on May 3, 1717. Until 1747 the town was served by temporary missionary ministers. In 1747 the First Parish Church was actually split into two buildings, one following Congregational polity and the other following Presbyterian polity. In 1772 both groups agreed to follow Congregational polity and in 1808 both groups physically merged into a single meeting house. The church had close relations to Bowdoin College and Harriet Beecher Stowe found...

Cambridge, Mass. First Church records, 1784-1968.

Identifier: RG4935
Overview Cambridge, Massachusetts, was fist settled in 1630 and the first meeting house was erected in 1632. Public worship began in 1633 with Thomas Hooker and the First Church of Cambridge was formally established in 1636 with Thomas Shepard as the first minister. In 1650, 1706, and 1757 the second, third, and fourth meeting houses were constructed. The Parish split in 1829 between Unitarians and traditional Congregationalists after the parish severed its contract with Abiel Holmes over his refusal to...

Cambridge, Mass. Pilgrim Congregational Church of Cambridgeport records, 1863-1992.

Identifier: RG2350
Abstract Stearns Chapel was erected in 1863 and was located on Harvard Street, near Windsor; it was designed primarily as a Mission Sabbath School and operated for a number of years by the First and Second Congregational, Baptist and Methodist churches. The name was changed to Pilgrim Congregational Church of Cambridgeport in 1871. The collection includes church records, financial records, ministers’ records, membership records, auxiliary group records, historical information, orders of service and...

Dover, N.H. First Parish Church records, 1614-1862.

Identifier: RG1319
Abstract Gathered in 1633, the First Parish Church in Dover is the oldest church in New Hampshire. Rev. Hanserd Knollys organized the First Parish Church as a religious organization in 1638. The church joined the United Church of Christ in 1961 and the name changed to First Parish Congregational Church in 1996. Records include births, marriages, deaths, dismissals, disciplinary cases, meeting minutes, financial records, and pew plans; letters by Rev. Jeremy Belknap, Rev. Hubbard Winslow, and the...

Hopkinton, Mass. First Congregational Church records, 1722-1911.

Identifier: RG5193
Overview The First Congregational Church in Hopkinton was organized in 1724, shortly after the establishment of the town of Hopkinton by Harvard College, who had purchased the land from a local community of "praying Indians". Five versions of the meeting house have existed, two of which were destroyed, first by fire in 1882 and then by a hurricane in 1939. In September 2011 the name of the church was officially changed to Faith Community Church. This collection includes the earliest records of the...

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Albro, John A. (John Adams), 1799-1866 1
Appleton, Nathaniel, 1693-1784 1
Arlington (Mass.) 1
Auburndale Baptist Church (Auburndale, Mass.) 1
Barnstable (Mass.) 1
Beckwith, Kenneth D., 1896- 1
Beecher, Edward 1
Belknap, Jeremy, 1744-1798 1
Brattle, William, 1662-1717 1
Bridgewater (Mass.) 1
Brunswick (Me.) 1
Bushnell, Samuel Clarke, 1852-1930 1
Christ Congregational Church (Brockton, Mass.) 1
Christian Band of Somerset. 1
Congregational Christian Conference of Iowa. 1
Congregational Church (Manchester, Mass.) 1
Congregational Churches and Ministers of the State of Iowa. 1
Congregational Club of Central Iowa. 1
Congregational Conference of Iowa. 1
Congregational Women's Missionary Society. 1
Conrad, Arcturus Z. (Arcturus Zodiac) 1
Dane Street Congregational Church (Beverly, Mass.) 1
Ecclesiastical Council. 1
Emmanuel Congregational Church (Springfield, Mass.) 1
Emmanuel United Church of Christ (Springfield, Mass.) 1
Fellows, L. N., Mrs. 1
Fiebiger, Judson. 1
First Baptist Church (Brunswick, Me.) 1
First Christian Society (Somerset, Mass.) 1
First Christian Union Church (Somerset, Mass.) 1
First Church (Cambridge, Mass.) 1
First Church (Ipswich, Mass.) 1
First Church (Rowley, Mass.) 1
First Church of Christ (Lancaster, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church (Hopkinton, Mass.) 1
First Parish Church (Brunswick, Me.) 1
First Parish Church (Dover, N.H.) 1
First Parish Church Congregational (Manchester, Mass.) 1
First Parish Congregational Church (Brockton, Mass.) 1
Fourth Parish Church (Bridgewater, Mass.) 1
Gaylord, Reuben 1
General Congregational Association of Iowa. 1
Griffin, Edward Dorr 1
Hilliard, Timothy, 1747-1790 1
Holmes, Abiel, 1763-1837 1
Hopkinton (Mass.) 1
Iowa Band. 1
Iowa Congregational Association. 1
Iowa Congregational Home Missionary Society. 1
Iowa Fellowship of Congregational Christian Women. 1
Jewett, Jedidiah, 1705-1774 1
Kimball, David T. (David Tenney), 1782-1860 1
Lancaster (Mass.) 1
Lanning, Mrs. 1
Manchester (Mass.) 1
Marblehead (Mass.) 1
McBeath, N. W., Mrs. 1
McKenzie, Alexander, 1830-1914 1
Mead, Asa, 1792-1831 1
Missionary Education Movement of the United States and Canada. 1
Montello (Brockton, Mass.) 1
Murray, W. H. H. (William Henry Harrison ) 1
Mystic Congregational Church (Medford, Mass.) 1
Ockenga, Harold John 1
Old North Church (Marblehead, Mass.) 1
Old South Church (Weymouth, Mass.) 1
Old South Union Church (Weymouth, Mass.) 1
Orthodox Congregational Church (Arlington, Mass.) 1
Orthodox Congregational Church (Manchester, Mass.) 1
Park Street Church (Boston, Mass.) 1
Phillips, Samuel, 1725-1796 1
Pilgrim Congregational Church of Cambridgeport (Cambridge, Mass.) 1
Pilgrim Memorial Church (Pittsfield, Mass.) 1
Pleasant Street Congregational Church (Arlington, Mass.) 1
Porter Congregational Church (Montello, Brockton, Mass.) 1
Reed , Julius A. 1
Rowley (Mass.) 1
Second Church (Weymouth, Mass.) 1
Society for Religious Improvement (Boston, Mass.) 1
Somerset (Mass.) 1
South Church (Ipswich, Mass.) 1
Stearns Chapel (Cambridge, Mass.) 1
Stone, A. L. (Andrew Leete) 1
Thomas, D.H. 1
Tufts, Asa Alford, 1798-1884 1
Turner, Asa 1
Union Church (Weymouth, Mass.) 1
Union Congregational Church (Winthrop, Mass.) 1
United Church of Christ . Iowa Conference. Churchmen's Fellowship 1
United Church of Christ. Iowa Conference. 1
United Church of Christ. Massachusetts Conference 1
Waldo Congregational Church (Brockton, Mass.) 1
Wendell Avenue Congregational Church (Brockton, Mass.) 1
West Barnstable (Mass.) 1
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