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Church finance.

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered works on the solicitation and administration of church funds. Works on the duty of the individual Christian to contribute time, talents, and material possessions in the service of God are entered under [Christian stewardship.] Works on the duty of the individual Christian to contribute financially to the church are entered under [Christian giving.]

Found in 48 Collections and/or Records:

Abington, Mass. First Church records 1714-1949.

Identifier: RG4969
Abstract The First Congregational Church of Abington, MA was established in 1711 and in addition to the 1st Church there were three additional churches founded in the same town: 2nd church of south Abington, now Whitman, 3rd church of east Abington, now Rockland, and 4th church at North Abington. The First Church in Abington also housed a Sunday school that was established in 1818 and is thought to be one of the oldest Sunday schools in the country. The motto of the church is "None too old to study the...
Dates: 1714-1949

Arlington, Mass. Pleasant Street Congregational Church records, 1842-2010.

Identifier: RG4962
Abstract Pleasant Street Congregational Church was organized in December 1842, as the Orthodox Congregational Church of West Cambridge. Many of the original members of the Orthodox Congregational Church had been members of the First Congregational Church in Arlington but left when the church turned Unitarian in 1828. Between 1940 and 1953, Orthodox Congregational Church was renamed Pleasant Street Congregational Church. The church would officially close its doors in early 2011. This collection contains...
Dates: 1842-2010

Berkshire and Columbia Missionary Society records, 1798-2002.

Identifier: RG4696
Abstract The Berkshire and Columbia Missionary Foundation was a missionary society that was officially founded in February 1798. It is considered to be the oldest missionary society in the US, predating the "Haystack Movement" by eight years. The year prior, members met at the Green River in Hillsdale, N.Y. where it was suggested that a group form to send out missionaries both far and near. The locations that they decided upon included parts of Vermont, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New...
Dates: 1798-2002

Bradford, Haverhill, Mass. First Church of Christ records, 1682-1915.

Identifier: RG4843
Abstract The First Church of Christ was established in 1682 with Rev. Zechariah Symmes Jr. as its minister. Meeting houses were constructed in 1670, 1706, 1751, 1834, and 1849. In 1810 the church hosted the meeting of the General Association and the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions came from that meeting. This collection includes records of vital statistics, financial reports, church meeting minutes, and ecclesiastical council reports.
Dates: 1682-1915

Brockton, Mass. First Parish Congregational Church records, 1738-1980.

Identifier: RG0037
Abstract The First Parish Congregational Church in Brockton was originally founded as the Fourth Parish Church in Bridgewater in 1737 and formally gathered as such in 1740. The name of the church changed, in 1823, to First Parish Congregational Church to reflect the incorporation of the town of North Bridgewater. In 1827 a portion of the church's membership left to form the South Congregational Church and in 1850 another portion left to form the Porter Evangelical Congregational Church. In 1874 the town...
Dates: 1738-1980

Brockton, Mass. Porter Congregational Church, 1800-1979.

Identifier: RG5395
Abstract The Porter Evangelical Church in North Bridgewater, later the Porter Congregational Church in Brockton, was established in 1850 by members who left the First Parish Congregational Church over ecclesiastical differences. The church purchased a building just north of the First Parish Congregational Church in 1851 and the building was further renovated in 1883, 1925, and 1950. The Wendell Avenue Church and Waldo Congregational Church were both formed out of area missions administered by the Porter...
Dates: 1800-1979

Brockton, Mass. South Congregational Church records, 1835-1979.

Identifier: RG5394
Abstract In 1836 a significant portion of the members of the First Parish Congregational Church withdrew their membership to form the South Congregational Church in Plain Village, now Campello, Brockton. The first meeting house was constructed in 1836 and The South Congregational Church of North Bridgewater was formally gathered on January 3, 1837 with Rev. John Dwight as the first minister. On May 23, 1853, the first meeting house was destroyed by fire; the second meeting house was constructed a year...
Dates: 1835-1979

Brockton, Mass. Waldo Congregational Church records, 1896-1980.

Identifier: RG5396
Abstract The Waldo Congregational Church was gathered in 1896 two years after being founded as the Montello Mission. In 1980 the Waldo Congregational Church, First Parish Congregational Church, South Congregational Church, and Porter Congregational Church merged to form the Christ Congregational Church. This collection contains the administrative and membership records of the church and includes record books, financial records, and vital member records.
Dates: 1896-1980

Cambridge, Mass. Pilgrim Congregational Church of Cambridgeport records, 1863-1992.

Identifier: RG2350
Abstract Stearns Chapel was erected in 1863 and was located on Harvard Street, near Windsor; it was designed primarily as a Mission Sabbath School and operated for a number of years by the First and Second Congregational, Baptist and Methodist churches. The name was changed to Pilgrim Congregational Church of Cambridgeport in 1871. The collection includes church records, financial records, ministers’ records, membership records, auxiliary group records, historical information, orders of service and...
Dates: 1863-1992

Chicago, Ill. Cragin Congregational Church records, 1883-1932.

Identifier: RG5274
Abstract Cragin Congregational Church opened in 1883 in Chicago's North End. Throughout its history, the church remained small and recieved financial support from the City Missionary Society. This collection includes meeting minutes, the church's constitution, and financial records.
Dates: 1883-1932