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Brockton, Mass. First Parish Congregational Church records, 1738-1980.

Identifier: RG0037
Overview The First Parish Congregational Church in Brockton was originally founded as the Fourth Parish Church in Bridgewater in 1737 and formally gathered as such in 1740. The name of the church changed, in 1823, to First Parish Congregational Church to reflect the incorporation of the town of North Bridgewater. In 1827 a portion of the church's membership left to form the South Congregational Church and in 1850 another portion left to form the Porter Evangelical Congregational Church. In 1874 the town...

Brockton, Mass. Porter Congregational Church, 1800-1979.

Identifier: RG5395
Overview The Porter Evangelical Church in North Bridgewater, later the Porter Congregational Church in Brockton, was established in 1850 by members who left the First Parish Congregational Church over ecclesiastical differences. The church purchased a building just north of the First Parish Congregational Church in 1851 and the building was further renovated in 1883, 1925, and 1950. The Wendell Avenue Church and Waldo Congregational Church were both formed out of area missions administered by the Porter...

Brockton, Mass. Waldo Congregational Church records, 1896-1980.

Identifier: RG5396
Overview The Waldo Congregational Church was gathered in 1896 two years after being founded as the Montello Mission. In 1980 the Waldo Congregational Church, First Parish Congregational Church, South Congregational Church, and Porter Congregational Church merged to form the Christ Congregational Church. This collection contains the administrative and membership records of the church and includes record books, financial records, and vital member records.

Cambridge, Mass. First Church records, 1784-1968.

Identifier: RG4935
Overview Cambridge, Massachusetts, was fist settled in 1630 and the first meeting house was erected in 1632. Public worship began in 1633 with Thomas Hooker and the First Church of Cambridge was formally established in 1636 with Thomas Shepard as the first minister. In 1650, 1706, and 1757 the second, third, and fourth meeting houses were constructed. The Parish split in 1829 between Unitarians and traditional Congregationalists after the parish severed its contract with Abiel Holmes over his refusal to...

Cambridge, Mass. Pilgrim Congregational Church of Cambridgeport records, 1863-1992.

Identifier: RG2350
Abstract Stearns Chapel was erected in 1863 and was located on Harvard Street, near Windsor; it was designed primarily as a Mission Sabbath School and operated for a number of years by the First and Second Congregational, Baptist and Methodist churches. The name was changed to Pilgrim Congregational Church of Cambridgeport in 1871. The collection includes church records, financial records, ministers’ records, membership records, auxiliary group records, historical information, orders of service and...

Dorchester, Boston, Mass. Second Church records, 1770-1991.

Identifier: RG0069
Overview The Second Church in Dorchester was first organized on January 1, 1808 by 64 members of First Church. The first official pastor for the newly formed Second Church was Dr. John Codman. Codman was a member of an influential family and graduated from Harvard. His pastorate continues to be the longest for the church and during this time was regularly visited by Daniel Webster and (on occasion) John Adams. The last pastor of Second Church in Dorchester was Reverend Donald P. Brickley. He facilitated...

Fitchburg, Mass. Calvinistic Congregational Church records, 1805-2006.

Identifier: RG5368
Overview The Calvinistic Congregational Church of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, was formally gathered as the Calvinistic Congregational Society on June 14, 1805. The first meeting house was built in 1806, the second in 1845, and the third, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, in 1897. The church joined the United Church of Christ in 1961. In 1967, the church joined with the First Methodist Church of Fitchburg to form the Faith United Parish. This collection documents the history and...

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Brockton (Mass.) 3
Cambridge (Mass.) 2
North Bridgewater (Mass.) 2
Waldo Congregational Church (Brockton, Mass.) 2
Adams, Nehemiah, 1806-1878 1
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Albro, John A. (John Adams), 1799-1866 1
Appleton, Nathaniel, 1693-1784 1
Atlanta University 1
Auburndale Baptist Church (Auburndale, Mass.) 1
Barnard, Edward, 1720-1774 1
Brattle, William, 1662-1717 1
Bridgewater (Mass.) 1
Calvinistic Congregational Church (Fitchburg, Mass.) 1
Centre Congregational Church (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
Centre Congregational Church (Northbridge, Mass.) 1
Chicago (Ill.) 1
Christ Congregational Church (Brockton, Mass.) 1
Church Missionary Society. 1
Codman, John, 1782-1847 1
Congregational Church and Society of South Hadley Falls (South Hadley, Mass.) 1
Congregational Church in South Hadley Falls (South Hadley, Mass.) 1
Congregational Parish of Pelham (Pelham, Mass.) 1
Congregational Sabbath School Superintendents' Union of Boston. 1
Congregational Sunday School Superintendents' Union. 1
Dorchester Central Congregational Church (Dorchester, Boston, Mass.) 1
Einerson, Richard J. 1
Emmanuel Congregational Church (Springfield, Mass.) 1
Emmanuel United Church of Christ (Springfield, Mass.) 1
Erikson, David M. 1
Faith United Parish (Fitchburg, Mass.) 1
Federated Church of Pelham (Pelham, Mass.) 1
First Church (Cambridge, Mass.) 1
First Church (Charlestown, Boston, Mass.) 1
First Church in Fitchburg (Fitchburg, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church (Northbridge, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church in South Hadley Falls (South Hadley, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church of Pelham (Pelham, Mass.) 1
First Methodist Episcopal Church (Fitchburg, Mass.) 1
First Parish Church (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
First Parish Congregational Church (Brockton, Mass.) 1
Fitchburg (Mass.) 1
Forestville Congregational Church (Chicago, Ill.) 1
Forty Seventh Street Congregational Church (Chicago, Ill.) 1
Fourth Parish Church (Bridgewater, Mass.) 1
Grand Avenue Congregational Church (Chicago, Ill.) 1
Hampshire-Franklin Meeting House Fellowship. 1
Hampton Normal Agricultural Institute (Va.) 1
Harvard Congregational Church (Dorchester, Boston, Mass.) 1
Haverhill (Mass.) 1
Hilliard, Timothy, 1747-1790 1
Holmes, Abiel, 1763-1837 1
Igelsia Congregasional Mexicana en Sur Chicago (Chicago, Ill.) 1
Independent Congregational Church and Society (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
Lincoln (R.!.) 1
Little, Arthur, Rev. 1
Maine State Sunday School Association 1
Maynard (Mass.) 1
Maynard, Amory, 1804-1890 1
McKenzie, Alexander, 1830-1914 1
Memorial Church (Chicago, Ill.) 1
Montello (Brockton, Mass.) 1
Morse, Sidney E. (Sidney Edwards) 1
North Congregational Church (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
North Parish Community Church (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
Northbridge (Mass.) 1
Pelham Rural Fellowship (Pelham, Mass.) 1
Pierce, Jason Noble, 1880-1948 1
Pilgrim Congregational Church of Cambridgeport (Cambridge, Mass.) 1
Porter Congregational Church (Montello, Brockton, Mass.) 1
Richards, Andrew, Rev. 1
Risk, Sarah M. 1
Rollstone Congregational Church (Fitchburg, Mass.) 1
Sabbath School Society of Fitchburg. Library 1
Sayles Memorial Church (Lincoln, R.I.) 1
Sayles, William Francis, 1824-1894 1
Second Church (Dorchester, Boston, Mass.) 1
South Church of Christ in South Hadley (South Hadley, Mass.) 1
South Congregational Church (Chicago, Ill.) 1
South Hadley (Mass.) 1
South Society in South Hadley (South Hadley, Mass.) 1
Stearns Chapel (Cambridge, Mass.) 1
Union Congregational Church (Maynard, Mass.) 1
Union Evangelical Society (Maynard, Mass.) 1
United Church of Pelham (Pelham, Mass.) 1
Vine Street Church (Roxbury, Boston, Mass.) 1
Vine Street Orthodox Church (Roxbury, Boston, Mass.) 1
Washburn College 1
Wendell Avenue Congregational Church (Brockton, Mass.) 1
White Street Congregational Church (Springfield, Mass.) 1
Wood, Robert Watson 1
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