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Adonijah Bidwell sermons, circa 1754-1781.

Identifier: MS5153
Overview Adonijah Bidwell (1716-1784) was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1716 to Thomas and Prudence Bidwell. He attended Yale, graduating in 1740. In 1750 he settled in Tyringham (now Monterey), Massachusetts, as the first pastor. Adonijah Bidwell died in 1784. The collection contains sermon notes and scriptural references for sermons preached by Bidwell at Tyringham.

Berkley, Mass. Congregational Church records, 1737-1949.

Identifier: RG1061
Abstract The First Church of Christ was first gathered in 1737 in the newly incorporated town of Berkley, Massachusetts. In 1737, the town agreed to settle Samuel Tobey, a young graduate of Cambridge. In 1788, Thomas Andros, a self-taught veteran of the American Revolutionary War, was settled in Berkley. The Berkley, Mass. Congregational Church records document the early history, administration, and life of the church and its members. The collection includes financial records, church and parish records,...

Boston, Mass. Mount Vernon Congregational Church records, 1841-1969.

Identifier: RG0026
Overview The Mount Vernon Church was founded in 1842 by a group of enthusiastic lay men and women who felt the need of a church in Boston which would lead in the fight against indifference and Unitarianism. They invited the Rev. Edward Norris Kirk, a famous evangelist, to be their pastor. He spent thirty two years in charge of the church, from 1842 until his death in 1874. Unfortunately, most of the records of his pastorate perished in a fire in 1879. He was succeeded by Samuel Edward Herrick, pastor...

Boston, Mass. Old South Church records, 1659-2012.

Identifier: RG0028
Overview Twenty-eight lay members from the First Church in Boston founded the Old South Congregation (originally called the Third Church of Boston) in 1669. This collection includes Church records such as baptismal records, pew proprietor records, membership records, minutes of meetings for church and society, financial and legal, records of various Church committees, ministers, the Prince Library, and published material.

Boston Massacre sermon, circa 1770.

Identifier: MS0818
Overview The author of the manuscript sermon in this collection is unknown and there is no provenance information associated with the collection. The instigating incident behind the writing of the sermon was the Boston Massacre, also known as the Incident on King Street, which occurred on March 5, 1770. The event was widely reported on and further increased tensions between the Thirteen Colonies and Great Britain. This collection consists of a single manuscript sermon written and includes a historical...

Brockton, Mass. First Parish Congregational Church records, 1738-1980.

Identifier: RG0037
Overview The First Parish Congregational Church in Brockton was originally founded as the Fourth Parish Church in Bridgewater in 1737 and formally gathered as such in 1740. The name of the church changed, in 1823, to First Parish Congregational Church to reflect the incorporation of the town of North Bridgewater. In 1827 a portion of the church's membership left to form the South Congregational Church and in 1850 another portion left to form the Porter Evangelical Congregational Church. In 1874 the town...

Cambridge, Mass. First Church records, 1784-1968.

Identifier: RG4935
Overview Cambridge, Massachusetts, was fist settled in 1630 and the first meeting house was erected in 1632. Public worship began in 1633 with Thomas Hooker and the First Church of Cambridge was formally established in 1636 with Thomas Shepard as the first minister. In 1650, 1706, and 1757 the second, third, and fourth meeting houses were constructed. The Parish split in 1829 between Unitarians and traditional Congregationalists after the parish severed its contract with Abiel Holmes over his refusal to...

Davida Foy Crabtree papers, 1952-2016.

Identifier: MS5324
Scope and Contents This collection is comprised of personal writing; professional writing; academic work; sermons; correspondence; calendars; articles and newsletters pertaining to career, related groups, and current events; feminist advocacy, activism, and continuing education; committees within the United Church of Christ; records generated while working for the Prudence Crandall Center for Women, the UCC Connecticut and Southern California Conferences, and Colchester Federated Church in Connecticut.

Dorchester, Boston, Mass. First Church records, 1727-1784.

Identifier: RG0861
Overview In 1631, a log cabin was built to serve as the first meeting house of the recently settled Dorchester Plantation. For its first five years of existence, the parish had two ministers, John Warham and John Maverick. They were followed by Rev. Richard Mather, who served from 1636-1669. The church evolved from a Trinitarian Congregational church, during the pastorate of Thaddeus Mason Harris (1793-1836), to the Unitarian denomination. The First Parish Dorchester Church, now a member of the...

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Old South Church (Boston, Mass.) 3
Adams, Nehemiah, 1806-1878 1
Albro, John A. (John Adams), 1799-1866 1
Andover Newton Theological School 1
Andros, Thomas, 1759-1845 1
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Appleton, Nathaniel, 1693-1784 1
Barnard, Edward, 1720-1774 1
Baxter, Joseph, 1676-1745 1
Beloit College 1
Berkley (Mass.) 1
Bidwell, Adonijah, 1716-1784 1
Boles, Richard J. 1
Braman, Isaac, 1770-1858 1
Brattle, William, 1662-1717 1
Breck, Robert, 1682-1731 1
Bridgewater (Mass.) 1
Brockton (Mass.) 1
Bucklin, Sylvester F. (Sylvester Fuller), 1784-1860 1
Butler, Willis H. (Willis Howard), 1864-1943 1
Cambridge (Mass.) 1
Centre Congregational Church (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
Chambers Street Church (Boston, Mass.) 1
Christ Congregational Church (Brockton, Mass.) 1
Clap, Thomas, 1705-1774 1
Cleaveland, John, 1749-1815 1
Conant, Sylvanus, 1720-1777 1
Congregational Church (Berkley, Mass.) 1
Congregational Church (Wendell, Mass.) 1
Congregational Church and Society of South Hadley Falls (South Hadley, Mass.) 1
Congregational Church in South Hadley Falls (South Hadley, Mass.) 1
Conn, Howard (Howard James), 1911-2000 1
Conrad, Arcturus Z. (Arcturus Zodiac) 1
Cordley, Richard 1
Crawford, James W. 1
Danforth, John, 1660-1730 1
Davenport, John, 1597-1670 1
Dorchester (Boston, Mass.) 1
Eckley, Joseph, 1750-1811 1
Farrar, Mary B. 1
Field, Levi A. (Levi Alpheus), 1821-1859 1
First Church (Berkley, Mass.) 1
First Church (Cambridge, Mass.) 1
First Church (Dorchester, Boston, Mass.) 1
First Church (Ipswich, Mass.) 1
First Church in Marlborough (Congregational) (Marlborough, Mass.) 1
First Church of Christ (Medway, Mass.) 1
First Church of Christ (Wethersfield, Conn.) 1
First Congregational Church (Brimfield, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church (Georgetown, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church (Marlborough, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church (Medfield, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church (Middleboro, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church (Southington, Conn.) 1
First Congregational Church (Stoneham, Mass.) 1
First Congregational Church in South Hadley Falls (South Hadley, Mass.) 1
First Evangelical Congregational Society (Marlborough, Mass.) 1
First Parish Church (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
First Parish Congregational Church (Brockton, Mass.) 1
First Parish Unitarian Church (Medfield, Mass.) 1
Fourth Parish Church (Bridgewater, Mass.) 1
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 1
Free Church (Berkley, Mass.) 1
Georgetown (Mass.) 1
Goodhue, John N. (John Northend), 1810-1839 1
Gordon, George A. (George Angier), 1853-1929 1
Great Britain. Stamp Act (1765) 1
Haverhill (Mass.) 1
Herrick, Samuel E. (Samuel Edward), 1841-1904 1
Hilliard, Timothy, 1747-1790 1
Holmes, Abiel, 1763-1837 1
Holmes, Pauline 1
Hull, John, 1624-1683 1
Independent Congregational Church and Society (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
Kirk, Edward Norris, 1802-1874 1
Manning, Jacob M. (Jacob Merrill) (1824-1882) 1
Marlborough (Mass.) 1
Marsh, John, 1742-1821 1
McKenzie, Alexander, 1830-1914 1
Medfield (Mass.) 1
Medway (Mass.) 1
Meek, Frederick M. 1
Middleboro (Mass.) 1
Mitchell, James Lee 1
Moody, Dwight Lyman, 1837-1899 1
Mt. Vernon Congregational Church (Boston, Mass.) 1
Niijima, Jō 1
North Bridgewater (Mass.) 1
North Congregational Church (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
North Parish Community Church (Haverhill, Mass.) 1
Norton, Mary 1
Ockenga, Harold John 1
Ogden, David L. (David Longworth), 1792-1863 1
Osgood, James, 1705-1746 1
Packard, Asa, 1758-1843 1
Park Street Church (Boston, Mass.) 1
Plymouth Congregational Church (Chillicothe, Ill.) 1
Pope, Charles Henry 1
Prentiss, Thomas, 1747-1814 1
Prince, Thomas, 1687-1758 1
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